TelTron Telemetry Systems Corporation has developed the DDR-100-E, a new PCM recorder system that is unique in the field of serial data stream recording. This new system provides cost effective telemetry data collection and playback entirely in the digital domain.

Using TelTron’s optional full featured software decommutation and reduction applications suite (LIC-4000), DDR-100-E recorded data can be fully accessed on a standard desktop PC without requiring any telemetry hardware at all. With TelTron’s approach to telemetry data collection, distribution and reduction, the long cycle times associated with moving data from collection site to analysis site and then replaying the recording to decommutate and convert parameters to engineering units are eliminated.

The DDR-100-E can also be used as a real-time telemetry data decommutator and server. With our optional DDS-4000 software package, the DDR-100-E can be upgraded with no additional hardware required.

DDR-100-E-2U DDR-100-E-GUI DDR-100-E-GUI-2
DDR-100-E in 2U (1U Available) DDR-100-E Graphical Interface (Record Mode) DDR-100-E GUI (Playback Mode)

Note: Ask us about our on-site and web-based training courses for learning everything from basic understanding of Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) telemetry, to C++ coding of our DLL hook and other package extensions for our software.