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TLM Display 2

TLM Display 2 allows users of TelTron's telemetry processing systems to quickly access and visualize critical data as it is streamed over the Ethernet in real time. Instantly view graphs, check limits, and view the current value of any number of variables through TLM Display's completely customizable, easy to use interface.

TLM Display 2 was built to be easy to use. Such a simple concept is often overlooked, but one of TLM Display 2 primary goals was to give users complete freedom without a mess of confusing convoluted controls. Users can now concentrate on their data, rather than fumbling with an interface. TLM Display 2 is more than a graphing tool, a limits checker, or a way to instantly see what values are inside your data stream. TLM Display 2 is a tool for accessing your data any way you need it to. Create entire pages of displays in seconds. Graphs. Grids. Histograms. Gauges. It has never been easier to add and configure items to your exact specifications. Users of TLM Display 2 will enjoy an intuitive interface that makes everything just a click away.

Users of TLM Display 2 command an expandable library of display types that can be used to present your data in the most appropriate fashion possible. If something more is required, additional displays may be acquired through TelTron Telemetry Systems, or by using the TLM Display 2 development package to create your own.

Integrate and display data from multiple telemetry streams. If you can imagine it, TLM Display 2 can help you create a solution and seamlessly integrate everything into one piece of software.