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The DDR-100-E is a PCM record/playback system that stands out in the field of serial data stream recording. This system provides cost effective telemetry data collection and playback (clock/data/IRIG(A/B/G)) in the digital domain at data rates up to 50Mpbs per channel.

The DDR-100-E can also be used as a real-time telemetry data decommutator and server. With our optional DDS-4000-64 software package, the DDR-100-E can be upgraded to a telemetry server with no additional hardware required.

Using TelTron’s optional full featured software decommutation and reduction applications suite (LIC-4000), DDR-100-E recorded raw data can be fully accessed on a standard desktop PC without requiring any telemetry hardware at all. With TelTron’s approach to telemetry data collection, distribution and reduction,  cycle times associated with moving processing data from collection through analysis are unimaginably fast. 

The system is also available with an optional digital bit synchronizer.