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TLM-4002-R I/O Upgrade Kit

The TLM-4002-R has long been a staple telemetry system for use in missile defense.  Deployed widely across the GMD program, it supplies realtime data processing of the telemetry data received from the GMD defensive missile for the pre-launch, flyout, intercept and post-test analysis phases of the mission.   These systems were originally designed upon the VME backplane, and utilized multiple VME single board CPUs as well as VME decommutator hardware.  

The new I/O upgrade kit for the TLM-4002-R systems use our new (non-VME based) I/O technology.  This extends the performance of the TLM-4002-R significantly, providing up to 50Mbps of PCM input per channel.  Also, telemetry can be logged in both raw and framed format simultaneously,  as well as being composed into Chapter 10 format.  The legacy software has been updated to work with the new I/O and can operate under any current or future version of Windows.