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The TLM-IO-N unit is a multichannel telemetry data input/output device.  The unit can support as few as one channel, but can handle any number of desired physical channels.  The unit can support up to 8 channels in a 2U rack chassis.  Each channel can operate at continuous data rates as low as 100bps up to 50Mbps.  The inputs handle Clock/Data/IRIG(A/B/G) for both single ended and differential signals.  The unit can be ordered with just input for logging and serving telemetry, or both input and output.  If output is included, the unit can reproduce Clock/Data/IRIG with extreme timing accuracy on the outputs.  The unit can also include optional digital bit synchronizers for any or all of the I/O channels.

The TLM-IO-N is operated in concert with the LIC-4000-RT software for realtime telemetry data processing and recording.